Last March, I travelled to Sheffield to compete at the famous Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF). My first participation at the CWIF was in 2014 and I loved it. That’s why I was eager to return.

As last year, we flew very early on Saturday morning to climb the qualifiers of the afternoon. The problems were very demanding technically and it was necessary to stay alert in order not to miss trials pointlessly (we were entitled to maximum 3 attempts per boulder). I ended second of the qualifliers by flashing 23 boulders.

For the semi-final on the Sunday, we found routes that were more in the style of the world cups with, for the women : a slab, a small jump and two physical problems. By climbing well, I managed to top 3 boulders on sight, which placed me 2nd behind Shauna and thus qualified for the final.

The same evening, we were 6 women (Vera Zijlstra, Clémentine Kaiser, Leah Crane, Diane Merrick, Shauna Coxsey and myself) and 6 men (Baptiste Ometz, David Barrans, Ben West, Roland Rugens, Thomas Caleyron and Alex Megos) to climb great problems in a crazy atmosphere !

During the observation, I realized that the boulders were right in my style. They really looked all feasible to me. Unfortunately, I totally underperformed and I ended 5th after a very bad climb. The most frustrating is that I did not really understand why. Was it due to tiredness, stress, or both ? I am still wondering. Fortunately, a few minutes later, John Elvisson made me smile again when he entered the award ceremony !

In spite of a small disappointment, I know that I shall return next year to the CWIF, which is one of my favourite competitions. Thank you so much to the organizers and to the route setters for this great event, congratulations to Shauna who dominated the competition from A to Z !