In 2014, my competition calendar never allowed me to climb in Fontainebleau when the weather conditions were on top. As I did not want to be disappointed again for my only vacation week in January 2015, I decided to make the trip to Albarracin. It was the right decision, since I found perfect climbing conditions during the entire week, except the last day which was rainy.

After 5 weeks of studies and university exams, my objective was to maximize the fun by discovering the various sectors and by climbing as many boulders as possible. I did not want to put all my efforts on a specific project that I would eventually fail by lack of preparation. 

I finally managed to climb 25 problems (7th grade) in 5 consecutive days without rest, including:

  - My first 7B+ flash: “Escaramuza” (a boulder set by Nicolas Favresse)
  - “Fuerte a Muerte” (7C+, formerly 8A) sent during my last climbing day, despite tiredness and peeled fingers

Even if “Fuerte a Muerte” is not my first 7C+, I consider this boulder as the most difficult one I ever sent. And I managed to top it in less than 10 attempts. This boosts my motivation for future competitions and rock trips !