The last round of the Bouldering World Cup 2015 took place last week in Munich's olympic stadium. As usual this competition did meet the highest expectations thanks to a perfect organization, a great route setting and a delirious public.

The Munich World Cup built such a solid reputation that they broke the record of participation this year , with 215 registered athletes (even more than in the last World Bouldering Championship). With so many competitors, the fight was going to be hard with potentially bad surprises for some climbers.

Fortunately I went through the qualifiers of Friday afternoon, where I ranked 17th.

The following day, I felt some nervousness rising during my warm-up for the semi-final. But I managed to contain it and to solve the first problem (that was supposed to be a running start) with creativity. This top and the warm applause from the crowd did really boost my motivation and I kept climbing at my best till the end of the semi-final. I finished 10th with 3 tops and almost a 4th one (Boulder N°3, which I missed several times at the last move).

This result, which is my personal best in a senior competition, allowed me to reach the top 20 of the overall World Cup ranking 2015 by participating only in 3 of the 5 rounds.

After so many good memories in Munich (2014 & 2015), I am looking forward to coming back next year !

Link to the video of my qualifiers and semi-final